Ankr Launches Enterprise RPC Services on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace

• Ankr and Microsoft have announced the launch of Enterprise RPC services on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace.
• The RPC service will offer global, low-latency blockchain connections for enterprises to build and scale their Web3 projects and applications.
• The partnership between the two platforms will also provide a new solution, dubbed ‘AppChains’, which enables enterprises to roll out their own dedicated and fully customizable blockchain.

Ankr Partners with Microsoft to Launch Enterprise RPC Services

Ankr has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to launch its Enterprise RPC services on the cloud computing platform’s Azure Marketplace. This service offers global, low-latency blockchain connections that allow enterprises to build and scale their Web3 projects and applications effortlessly.

Introducing AppChains

In addition to the Enterprise RPC solution, Ankr’s collaboration with Microsoft has also introduced a new solution called ‘AppChains’. This allows enterprises to deploy their own Polygon Supernets as well as other ecosystems in order to customize their own dedicated blockchains.

Expectation of Surge in Clients

Head of Infrastructure at Ankr, Peter Stewart expressed his confidence that the project would experience an influx of clients due its partnership with Microsoft and is currently prepping up resources in anticipation of this increased demand.

Benefits of Collaboration

Apart from providing access to blockchain infrastructure for customers on Azure Marketplace, this collaboration between two platforms is expected to enable businesses across various industries make use of public blockchains for enterprise solutions such as data storage & sharing, tokenization etc., thereby revolutionizing the way they do business.


The integration between Ankr’s services and Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace will surely open up numerous opportunities for companies around the world looking for innovative ways to leverage decentralized technologies. This collaboration marks a major milestone in bringing about mainstream adoption by making it easier than ever before for businesses to get started with blockchain technologies without having any prior technical knowledge or expertise in the space.