Institutional Crypto Funds See 5th Week of Outflows: Report


• Institutional investors have seen outflows in crypto funds for the past five weeks, with a total of $232 million leaving.
• Bitcoin funds made up most of this week’s outflow at $33 million while Ethereum only saw $1 million leave.
• Centralized exchange volumes hit their lowest level since late-2020, coming in at $20 billion for the week.

Outflow from Institutional Crypto Funds

Institutional investors are getting cold feet over crypto with funds seeing outflows dominate for yet another week. According to the CoinShares Digital Asset Fund Flows weekly report on May 22, there was an outflow of $32 million for the past week. It is the fifth week in a row where institutional crypto asset funds have been in the red, and the total has reached $232 million. However, the outflow was lower than the previous three weeks.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Funds

Bitcoin funds represented the most negative sentiment, with $33 million leaving. Ethereum funds, by comparison, only lost $1 million in outflows, CoinShares reported. The report noted that volumes totaled $900 million for the week, which is 40% below this year’s average. A similar scenario was playing out on centralized exchanges: “Volumes for the broader market on trusted exchanges hit their lowest level since late-2020 at $20 billion for the week.”

European Investors Cooling on Crypto

In terms of geographic regions, Germany dominated the outflows with 73% of the total representing $24 million. Outflows of $3.3 million were also seen from Switzerland-based institutional funds. The crypto exodus came in the same week as Europe’s MiCA crypto legislation was approved.

U.S., Canadian and Brazilian Funds

U.S. funds had an outflow of $5